Laser hair removal caring:
1-    It is recommended not to do epilation, electrolaser, or threading ( or any devices which cause skin traction) on the related sites from 2 weeks prior to laser therapy on face and from 8 weeks prior to that on limbs. Before the first session you can shave the place with a blade to let the hairs be thick enough for the laser therapy.
2-    A day before the laser therapy, shave the hairs of the related region by a blade or shaving machine. Your hairs should be as long as the state in which the roots are just apparent, because long hairs reduce the energy of laser apparatus, and this, not only leads to a reverse effect, bus also cause the region to be burned.
3-    Do not use the medicines or substances which cause UV radiation hypersensitivity (as hydroquinone, pealing creams, local retinoids, and AHA) for the skin from 48 hours before to 48 hours after the operation.
4-    Announce you doctor if you have herpes simplex.
5-    The numbers of therapeutic sessions are 6 to 8, with intervals of 6 to 8 weeks. After obtaining a desirable response the therapy should be continued every 6 to 12 months.
6-    Wash your face out of any cosmetic creams, sunscreen creams or even sweets and contamination before the laser therapy begins.
7-    Wash your face with water after the operation, and rub it with anti-inflammatory creams and zinc oxide pomade.
8-    Using a suitable sunscreen cream (with the doctor approval) is necessary.
9-    In rare cases, the patient may suffer from little inflammation, irritation, and pain on the lasered area which will be recovered after some hours.
10-    If any hormonal problems exist, relative medicines should be taken at the same time.
11-    Taking shower with mild water and using soap are allowed after the operation.
12-    Contact your doctor or zibaafarin clinic if any probable problem occurs.
13-    It is suggested not to do sunbathing or bronzing from 3 months before the laser therapy in order to prevent skin burns.